We offer the best Nursing Home Administrator in training programs. Build from experience. Our NHA, AIT learning programs are always up-to-date and we give personal assistance while learning. Courses and flip cards are included in all our packages.


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We offer advice, guidance, answers, and expertise given by highly trained and licensed professionals, like Nursing Home Administrators and Director of Nursing.

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We are committed to providing you with the latest and accurate materials as it relates to California State regulations and Title 22, and the National Exam. Having updated materials can be the difference in passing or failing.

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Channa Kelly, NHA, MA

Founder / Professional coach

Channa is a licensed Nursing Home Administrator in Southern California and committed to keep up with current regulations, additions/changes to Title 22 and National materials, and is constantly updating/adding new practice questions to the already vast database. She uses the regulations on a daily basis and is therefore able to keep up with changes in a timely manner.

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I recently passed the California State Exam with the help of Administrator Interactive.  The study materials of the program were extremely helpful. They designed the contents of Title 22 and OBRA in a way that could be easily understood and retained.  They were also very quick to respond and help with problems or concerns that I had during the time I was preparing for the exam.  I don’t think I would have been able to pass the exam without the learning program.  I highly recommend the Administrator Interactive. – Jonah Bagsic
Administrator Interactive is a perfect mixture of updated material and friendly customer service. The flashcards were remarkable and were a major factor in my preparation for CA state exam; they each have the section number pertaining to that question which makes it far easier to refer to Title 22 for further research. Channa was great with getting back with answers, I was able to ask her any silly questions I had. All in all the direct and honest approach of administrator-interactive.com really helped me with my preparation. I would recommend them to everyone preparing for National or State exams. – Jasdeep Singh