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Study On-the-Go with Online AIT-Test-PRO™

Flash Cards
A detailed plan of action
Weekly homework assignments
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What we offer

Study for Administrator AIT, NHA with our Learning program

  • Study On-the-Go with Online AIT-Test-PROAn online testing program that you can access from any computer and smartphone
  • Flash Cards that you can access on your smartphone
  • Weekly homework assignments tailored to your specific time needs
  • A detailed plan of action.
  • One-on-one support system from a licensed Administrator and/or a Director of Nursing Services
  • Affordable! We offer the same (and more!) than the other prep courses for a better price!
Examination dates 2018 (PDF)
Nursing Home Administrator Examination Instructions (PDF)

National NHA Study Package

Package Includes:

▪       Study Materials: Comprehensive Study Volume                     

▪       Online Mock ExamsAIT-Test-PRO Mock exams mimic the actual NAB National Test.- 100 day subscription, 3 exams per section for a total of 18 exams. Over 2000 questions total!

▪       Additional Study Tools: flashcards. Mobile flashcards keeps track of the cards you are not familiar with and repeats them more often. (flashcards can also be mailed to you)

▪       Live NHA Preparation course in San Diego or Los Angeles area. Taught by an experienced, knowledgeable, licensed Administrator & Director of Nursing currently managing a SNF

▪       Current regulations. No outdated materials. This makes the difference for your success

▪       Proven and Effective study techniques: A structured, goal orientated program and effective study tools which have been proven to provide RESULTS

▪       NAB Study Guide review session (class)

▪       OBRA review session (class)

▪       Q & A session (class)

▪       A detailed plan of action

▪       One-on-one support system

▪       Weekly homework assignments

▪   Accountability. We are committed to providing you with a detailed and person specific learning program that fits within your schedule while meeting the test deadline.

  • We ask you to complete a questionnaire form which provides a better understanding of your individual needs, areas of strength and weaknesses. This way, we know what to focus on.
  • Office hours are Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. and we are available for any questions you might have.

The National exam covers the following

  • Environment
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Leadership & Management
  • Resident Centered Care & Quality of Life
  • OBRA
  • NAB Study Guide 5th Edition

AIT-Test-PRO.  Prepare for the California State Exam and the National NHA Exam and Pass!

Administrator Interactive Learning Program (AILP) has conveniently packaged the best study options to provide you with what you need to pass the California State and NHA National Exam! Our materials and support have you covered for both exams. Online Mock Exams, Workshops, Comprehensive Study Volume and Expert Phone Consultation are just some of the items included to make studying, and passing fast and easy.

The Administrator Interactive Learning Program seeks to enhance the success and skills of Administrators in Training through highly effective education on content and conceptual knowledge. We specialize in preparation for California State and National NHA licensure examinations and courses.

Online questions are the best way to prepare for your licensing exams. Over 2000 questions! Using your web browser or smart phone, test your NAB knowledge with over 2000 questions from our growing database. All six NAB exam content areas are covered and available in study- and timed mode. This online course offers complete timed practice exams using questions conforming to the ratio of categories used by the NAB and resemble to actual test allowing you to prepare to the fullest extend possible. Choose from several pre-arranged exams or have one randomly chosen from our large database, and repeat the exams as many times as you wish. You can also work on individual questions in specific content areas in study mode allowing you to see the rationale for each answer.

Click here for a sample of this test.

Administrator Interactive is proudly presenting you with online simulations of the NAB exam for NHA candidates. AIT-Test-PRO. Test banks mimic the screen layout and keyboard commands of the actual NAB Exam, helping acclimate you to the screen-oriented exam experience.

Main Points:

  • Access your online exams from your smart-phone and work-/home computer
  • Large database of questions
  • Retake each exam as often as you wish
  • Randomized quizzes on the specific six Content Areas
  • Study Mode: shows you the answer and rationale immediately after answering each question
  • Exam Mode: timed simulation that displays the rationales after finishing
  • Review your previous exam attempts to gauge your progress

California State Class Registration Includes:

  • A one day in person interactive class taught be NHA and/or DON
  • 300 State flash cards. (Mobile version or non-mobile version)
  • 300 State multiple choice practice exam Q & A
  • OBRA review session
  • Title 22 review session
  • Q & A session
  • Weekly homework assignments
Proven and Effective study techniques. A structured, goal orientated program and effective study tools which have been proven to provide RESULTS Up-to date study materials. – Channa Kelly