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AIT-TestPro™” An online testing program that you can access from any computer and smartphone. – Channa Kelly
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Administrator Interactive Learning Program (AILP) has conveniently packaged the best study options to provide you with what you need to pass the California State and NHA National Exam! Our materials and support have you covered for both exams. Online Mock Exams, Workshops, Comprehensive Study Volume and Expert Phone Consultation are just some of the items included to make studying, and passing fast and easy.

  • Flash Cards that you can access on your smartphone
  • Weekly homework assignments tailored to your specific time needs
  • A detailed plan of action.
  • One-on-one support system from a licensed Administrator and/or a Director of Nursing Services
  • Affordable! We offer the same (and more!) than the other prep courses for a better price!


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Our top Coach

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Channa Kelly, NHA, MA

Channa is a licensed Nursing Home Administrator in Southern California and committed to keep up with current regulations, additions/changes to Title 22 and National materials, and is constantly updating/adding new practice questions to the already vast database. She uses the regulations on a daily basis and is therefore able to keep up with changes in a timely manner.

Founder / Professional coach